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Shining Light on Your Business.

We specialise in using the science of light to illuminate and enhance the products, people and places we photograph, video and capture for our clients.

Our storytelling expertise and technical understanding guide every step of the process; from developing mood boards and lightmaps to ensuring our photographs and visual content is in line with your vision. We shoot on-site or in-studio and blend artificial light with natural light, and we make it look great. We enhance the images with the latest retouching technologies, to guarantee your finished product is executed with excellence.

Why does lighting make a difference to photography?

Lighting impacts us on a subconscious level, as our eyes search for the highest point of contrast in an image. The wrong lighting, be it harsh or flat, will not enhance an image and attract our eyes.

In the right light, everything is extraordinary.

After studying and working as a photographer and journalist, I graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography specialising in commercial lighting. Now I bring my experience as a visual storyteller to my business: White Lynx Photography.

Lynx means light, or brightness, referencing the luminescence of the beautiful cat's reflective eyes. I use the natural beauty of light to tell stories and enhance the features of my subjects: be they people, objects or landscapes.

I strongly believe in what I am doing and in the power of images and stories to change lives - whether on a personal level for the individual person, or for our society through photographic projects that advocate for human rights, social causes, and the environment.

Ida Larsson, founder of White Lynx Photography and Professional Commercial Photographer.

See People and Products in a New Light

Our Process...

Mood Board

We meet for a brainstorming session to get a complete view of your requirements and discuss things like colour, composition, and lighting.

Light Map

Great light doesn't just happen, by carfully planning for it we make it happen. We create great light and achieve what you are looking for.


Being on-site shouldn't mean missing out on the benefits of amazing studio light. We'll bring our studio set-up to you, blend the natural light with our studio light to achieve outstanding light.


Now comes the really fun part – selecting your favourite photos! Using an online proof site you will be able to choose your final photos for us to retouch and make perfect.


You'll be able to download your fully retouched images; both in high print resolution and lower web resolution from our cloud service.

Why Light is Everything

Before and After

The second Image is the image that the client was supplied to use for marketing by the American branch.

What matters?

The contrast between the blacks and the whites in a photograph is what's determines if an object appears shiny or dull.

Great light is what creates the shine and makes the product appear sharper and more exclusive.

Who We Are

Ida Larsson, our founder and head photographer, is a true Viking from the West Coast of Sweden. Born and raised in a little town called Halmstad (also famous for Roxette and Basshunter!), she brings a uniquely Scandinavian philosophy to her photography.

What We Do

We harness both natural light and carefully considered flash to show off your products and people. We work with you to create images that reflect your brand, whether you're using them to sell product, connect with your audience, or just show off what makes you special.

Why We Do It

Life is simply too short for poor light. Having grown up in Sweden, where there are only a few hours of light each day during winter, our founder Ida has a true appreciation for light – and loves nothing more than using that light to make people and products look amazing.

Award Winning Work

International Photo Awards

Professional Photographer Ida Larsson has received several international recognitions:


From Our Clients

Visual Communication

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Got your photos and keen to show them off? Bring your photos to life – even larger than life – with fabric enlargements up to 2.4 meters long.

Photography Blog

Want something unique to add excitement to your walls? Tap into the White Lynx library of images, with 12 years of fantastic images to choose from.


Video has huge power in today's market – and is the perfect compliment to great photography. If you're keen to explore video, let's talk.

- Desiderius Erasmus

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

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